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Wreaths & Churchware» Shop All
Acrylic Pulpit with Wood TopAdd to Cart
Acrylic Pulpit with Wood Top
Only $1,287.25 Reg. $1,355.00
Contemporary Advent Wreath Satin SolidAdd to Cart
Contemporary Advent Wreath Satin Solid
Only $2,901.78 Reg. $3,054.50
Walnut Altar Sets - Silverplate -Add to Cart
Walnut Altar Sets - Silverplate -
Only $1,600.85 Reg. $1,685.10
Advent WreathAdd to Cart
Advent Wreath
Only $1,384.67 Reg. $1,457.55
Advent Wreath Traditional Head Oak BaseAdd to Cart
Advent Wreath Traditional Head Oak Base
Artistic Mfg
Only $1,385.67 Reg. $1,458.60
Advent Wreath Banner - Purple with GoldAdd to Cart
Advent Wreath Banner - Purple with Gold
Only $448.35 Reg. $471.95
Christian FlagsAdd to Cart
Christian Flags
Only $98.37 Reg. $103.55
Contemporary Advent WreathAdd to Cart
Contemporary Advent Wreath
Only $1,774.17 Reg. $1,867.55
Candlelighter 60 inchAdd to Cart
Candlelighter 60 inch
Only $124.16 Reg. $130.69
Acrylic Wood topped acrylic communionAdd to Cart
Acrylic Wood topped acrylic communion
Only $2,460.50 Reg. $2,590.00
Communion Resources» Shop All
Remembrance Cup Prefilled Communion CupAdd to Cart
Remembrance Cup Prefilled Communion Cup
Broadman Church
Only $20.49 Reg. $24.99
Unleavened Communion Bread - Serves 500Add to Cart
Unleavened Communion Bread - Serves 500
Broadman Church
Only $5.99 Reg. $8.49
Glass Communion Cups - Box of 20Add to Cart
Glass Communion Cups - Box of 20
Broadman & Holman
Only $26.39 Reg. $29.99
Celebration Cup: Individual CommunionAdd to Cart
Celebration Cup: Individual Communion
The Compak Companies
Only $49.49 Reg. $59.99
Gluten Free Communion Bread - 200 piecesAdd to Cart
Gluten Free Communion Bread - 200 pieces
Only $11.43 Reg. $12.99
The Legacy Portable Communion SetAdd to Cart
The Legacy Portable Communion Set
Only $61.59 Reg. $69.99
Church Signs» Shop All
Outdoor Signs - The BeaconAdd to Cart
Outdoor Signs - The Beacon
Only $5,694.30 Reg. $5,994.00
Outdoor Signs - ColonialAdd to Cart
Outdoor Signs - Colonial
Only $5,951.75 Reg. $6,265.00
Outdoor Signs - CenturyAdd to Cart
Outdoor Signs - Century
Only $3,555.85 Reg. $3,743.00
Outdoor Church Sign - Announcer -Add to Cart
Outdoor Church Sign - Announcer -
Stewart Signs
Only $4,854.50 Reg. $5,110.00
Outdoor Signs - SignatureAdd to Cart
Outdoor Signs - Signature
Only $4,751.90 Reg. $5,002.00
Outdoor Signs - EmblemAdd to Cart
Outdoor Signs - Emblem
Only $4,432.70 Reg. $4,666.00
Outdoor Church Sign - Witness -Add to Cart
Outdoor Church Sign - Witness -
Stewart Signs
Only $5,981.20 Reg. $6,296.00
Outdoor Church Sign - Announcer -Add to Cart
Outdoor Church Sign - Announcer -
Stewart Signs
Only $4,360.50 Reg. $4,590.00
Outdoor Church Sign - Signature -Add to Cart
Outdoor Church Sign - Signature -
Stewart Signs
Only $4,636.95 Reg. $4,881.00