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By Barton, David
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Wallbuilders Press
An essential resource for anyone interested in our nation's religious heritage and the Founders' intended role for the American judicial system. Original Intent combines hundreds of quotes from primary sources with the author's exposition on hot topics such as revisionism, judicial activism, and separation of church and state. A substantial appendix encompasses full texts of the founding documents, biographical sketches of numerous Founders, and extensive reference notes.
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By Carson, Benjamin S., Sr.; Carson, Candy
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Zondervan
What is America becoming? Or, more importantly, what can she be if we reclaim a vision for the things that made her great in the first place? In America the Beautiful, Dr. Ben Carson helps us learn from our past in order to chart a better course for our future.From his personal ascent from inner-city poverty to international medical and humanitarian acclaim, Carson shares experiential insights that help us understand: ... what is good about America... where we have gone astray... which fundamental beliefs have guided America from her founding into preeminence among nationsWritten by a man who has experienced America's best and worst firsthand, America the Beautiful is at once alarming, convicting, and inspiring. You'll g ... more
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By Rosenberg, Joel C.
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Based on "Inside the Revolution," this booklet provides stories and information about how God is drawing Muslims around the world to Christ and how believers can practically engage in what God is doing. Joel Rosenberg also shares four simple strategies that will help mobilize the church to love their neighbors: learn, pray, give, and go.
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By Budziszewski, J.
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Ignatius Press
In this new revised edition of his groundbreaking work,
Professor J. Budziszewski questions the modern assumption
that moral truths are unknowable. With clear and
logical arguments he rehabilitates the natural law tradition
and restores confidence in a moral code based upon human

What We Can't Not Know explains the rational foundation
of what we all really know to be right and wrong and shows
how that foundation has been kicked out from under western
society. Having gone through stages of atheism and nihilism
in his own search for truth, Budziszewski understands the
philosophical and personal roots of moral relativism. With
wisdom born of both experience and rigorous intell ... more

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By Gingrich, Newt
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Integrity Publishers
What started as a simple walk through Washington, D.C., to view the significant monuments, memorials, and artifacts found in our Nation's capital, began a profound journey of personal discovery and renewal for Newt Gingrich, one of America's most influential politicians and commentators.

His first stop was to the National Archives, where the immortal words from the Declaration of Independence that we "are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights," jumped off the page and into his heart with the simple truth that from day one in our country's history, the Author of freedom was not the state nor even the Founding Fathers.

Our basic human rights and freedoms, which have been the spark for all of America' ... more

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By Brueggemann, Walter
Format: Paperback
Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
"Brilliantly applies crucial biblical prophetic messages to our contemporary society"Walter Brueggemann is one of the most highly regarded Old Testament scholars of our time; talk-show host Krista Tippett has even called him "a kind of theological rock star." In this new book Brueggemann probes the tasks performed by the ancient prophets of Israel and points out striking correlations between the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 B.C.E. and the catastrophic crisis of 9/11 in A.D. 2001.Brueggemann identifies a characteristic ideology of "exceptionalism" -- chosenness, entitlement, privilege -- which must be countered by prophetic realism and truth-telling. Denial must give way to honest grief. And, finally, widespread despai ... more

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By Reed, Ralph
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Worthy Publishing
Reed believes that the not-so-secret genius of America's founders is fast slipping away. That the fundamental, eternal truths that have defined our social and moral standards, all espoused by the founders, is the secret sauce that in the past has made our country the envy of the world. Today, the courts and Congress are destroying that foundation, threatening our nation's future. Rather than separate faith and government, we must re-infuse our nation's spiritual foundation and reform our legal, cultural, moral, and spiritual base. His message will shape much of the debate during the 2014 election cycle.

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By Richards, Jay W.
Format: Paperback
Publisher: HarperOne

The good news about capitalism

Jay Richards presents a new approach to capitalism, revealing how it's fully consistent with Jesus's teachings and the Christian tradition--and our best bet for renewed economic vigor.

"Money, Greed, and God" exposes eight myths about capitalism--including the notion that capitalism is based on greed--and demonstrates that a good Christian can be a good capitalist.

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By Pearcey, Nancy
Format: Paperback
Does God belong in the public arena of politics, business, law, and education? Or is religion a private matter only--personally comforting but publicly irrelevant? In today's cultural etiquette, it is not considered polite to mix public and private, or sacred and secular. This division is the single most potent force keeping Christianity contained in the private sphere--stripping it of its power to challenge and redeem the whole of culture.

With examples from the lives of real people past and present, Nancy Pearcey shows readers how to liberate Christianity from its cultural captivity. She walks readers through practical, hands-on steps for crafting a full-orbed Christian worldview, making a passionate case t ... more
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By Arnn, Larry P.
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

Today the integrity and unity of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are under attack by the Progressive political movement. And yet, writes Larry P. Arnn:

"The words of the Declaration of Independence ring across the ages. The arrangements of the Constitution have a way of organizing our actions so as to produce certain desirable results, and they have done this more reliably than any governing instrument in the history of man. Connect these arrangements to the beauty of the Declaration and one has something inspiring and commanding."

From Chapter 2, "The Founders' Key"

Dr. Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, reveals this integral unity of the Declaration and the Constitution. Together, th ... more

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Viewing a total of 602 items in Politics

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