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By Carson, Ben; Carson, Candy
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Sentinel
The acclaimed brain surgeon and bestselling author's plan for restoring America's greatness
Dr. Ben Carson made headlines with his keynote at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013. Standing just a few feet from President Obama, the neurosurgeon offered a common sense critique of liberal government, calling for a return to our historic culture of personal responsibility, free markets, and upward mobility. The speech instantly went viral; "The Wall Street Journal" even ran an editorial, "Ben Carson for President."
Now, in this sequel to their #1 "New York Times "bestseller "America the Beautiful," Dr. and Mrs. Carson offer a bold plan to stop the country's slide into fiscal and moral decay.
Avoiding ... more
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By Dyer, Charles H.; Tobey, Mark
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Moody Publishers

"With ISIS On The Rise, What Do We Need To Know?"

"" ISIS-a name that inspires fear, a group that is gaining momentum. Horrors unheard of are plaguing the Middle East, and ISIS may be the responsible for the worst among them. And yet there is so much we don't know about ISIS.

  • Where did ISIS come from?
  • How is ISIS distinguished from other terrorist groups?
  • Does ISIS play a role in the end times?
  • What does ISIS mean for Israel?
  • What impact could these events have on the United States?
  • How should believers respond?

In "The ISIS Crisis, "authors Charles Dyer and Mark Tobey answer these questions and more. Drawing from history, current events, and bibli ... more

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By Barton, David
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Wallbuilders Press
An essential resource for anyone interested in our nation's religious heritage and the Founders' intended role for the American judicial system. Original Intent combines hundreds of quotes from primary sources with the author's exposition on hot topics such as revisionism, judicial activism, and separation of church and state. A substantial appendix encompasses full texts of the founding documents, biographical sketches of numerous Founders, and extensive reference notes.
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By Starnes, Todd
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Frontline
Pay attention, people of faith. Dark clouds are gathering. The winds of intolerance are blowing. There's a great storm approaching.
American Christians are facing uncertain times. Our nation's values are under assault. Religious liberty has been undermined. We live in a day when right is now wrong and wrong is now right. The vicious leftwing attack against the recent traditional marriage stance of Chick-fil-A should serve as a wakeup call to people of faith. It's not about a chicken sandwich. It's about religious liberty. It's about free speech. It's about the future of our nation.
As a reporter covering the culture war for FOX News, Todd Starnes is on the front lines of these attacks against traditional values ... more
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Format: Paperback
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Discover the True Power of the BallotThe vast majority of Americans feel that our nation is moving in the wrong direction, but we feel powerless to do anything about it. Maybe, that's why in the presidential election of 2012, more people did not vote than voted for either candidate. We, the people, must realize we hold the power through our one vote. If we do not exercise that power, we have no right to complain In "One Vote," Dr. Ben Carson makes an urgent, nonpartisan, and unbiased plea for every American citizen to exercise the power of their vote in every election. This convenient and easy-to-use book will give you everything you need to become an informed voter. After reading this book, you will know how to ask the ... more

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By Gingrich, Newt
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Integrity Publishers
What started as a simple walk through Washington, D.C., to view the significant monuments, memorials, and artifacts found in our Nation's capital, began a profound journey of personal discovery and renewal for Newt Gingrich, one of America's most influential politicians and commentators.

His first stop was to the National Archives, where the immortal words from the Declaration of Independence that we "are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights," jumped off the page and into his heart with the simple truth that from day one in our country's history, the Author of freedom was not the state nor even the Founding Fathers.

Our basic human rights and freedoms, which have been the spark for all of America' ... more

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By Barna, George
Format: Paperback
Publisher: BarnaBooks
In this groundbreaking book, now available in softcover, acclaimed researcher and author George Barna identifies, describes, and analyzes seven major "faith tribes" in America--documenting who they are, what they believe, how they vote, and what they are passionate about. Barna provides helpful insight into how these groups influence our economy, politics, and values--and what their potential is to change America. Through his in-depth study of all seven tribes, Barna has identified potential strategies that faith tribes--if they choose to--could employ to facilitate healing and restoration in American culture, and cultures across the world.
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By Brueggemann, Walter
Format: Paperback
Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
"Brilliantly applies crucial biblical prophetic messages to our contemporary society"Walter Brueggemann is one of the most highly regarded Old Testament scholars of our time; talk-show host Krista Tippett has even called him "a kind of theological rock star." In this new book Brueggemann probes the tasks performed by the ancient prophets of Israel and points out striking correlations between the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 B.C.E. and the catastrophic crisis of 9/11 in A.D. 2001.Brueggemann identifies a characteristic ideology of "exceptionalism" -- chosenness, entitlement, privilege -- which must be countered by prophetic realism and truth-telling. Denial must give way to honest grief. And, finally, widespread despai ... more
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By Rosenberg, Joel C.
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Based on "Inside the Revolution," this booklet provides stories and information about how God is drawing Muslims around the world to Christ and how believers can practically engage in what God is doing. Joel Rosenberg also shares four simple strategies that will help mobilize the church to love their neighbors: learn, pray, give, and go.
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By Richards, Jay; Witt, Jonathan
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Ignatius Press

Anyone who has read "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" can gather that their author hated tyranny, but few know that the novelist who once described himself as a hobbit in all but size was even by hobbit standards a zealous proponent of economic freedom and small government. There is a growing concern among many that the West is sliding into political, economic, and moral bankruptcy. In his beloved novels of Middle-Earth, J.R.R. Tolkien has drawn us a map to freedom.

Scholar Joseph Pearce, who himself has written articles and chapters on the political significance of Tolkien s work, testified in his book "Literary Giants, Literary Catholics," If much has been written on the religious significance of "The Lord ... more

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Viewing a total of 648 items in Politics

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