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Word 2012 Album

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Fearless, their fourth studio album, takes fans on a purposeful journey to encounter the truths that Manwell and Blanca have come face-to-face with over the past few years. The title track declares the message Group 1 Crew wishes to convey on this album that "If You're with me, who can be against me? I have no reason to fear." The soaring ballad "Steppin' Out" reminds listeners that it's not too late to take a chance... that the Maker of their dreams will make a way if it's what He's called them to.

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  • Publisher: Word
  • ISBN-13: 0080688852122
  • UPC: 080688852122
  • SKU: 0080688852122
  • Feature1: Price on Product
  • Release Date: September 10, 2012
  • Format: Album
  • Language: English
  • Voice Range: Not Available
  • Label: Word
  • Height: .40 inches
  • Width: 4.90 inches
  • Length: 5.50 inches
  • Weight: .20 pounds

About the Author

Group 1 Crew

Group 1 Crew

Group 1 Crew is a Christian hip hop band signed to Fervent Records and Warner Bros. Records. They made their debut with their hit song "Can't Go On" on WOW Hits 2007. Soon after they released their first EP I Have a Dream (2006), the band released their self-titled full-length debut studio album, Group 1 Crew, in February 2007. Their song "Love is a Beautiful Thing" charted into the Top 20 in May 2007 on R&R magazine's Christian chart.

The group's second studio album Ordinary Dreamers was released on September 16, 2008. Their popular radio single "Forgive Me" appeared on an episode of One Tree Hill. In September 2010, they released the album Outta Space Love, which has proven to be their most mainstream effort yet, as many of the songs were used in America's Got Talent.

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