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The King's Oil Anointing Oil 16 Pack

The King's Oil Anointing Oil 16 Pack

2010 Not Applicable

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Product Description

This attractive and compact 5.75" x 5.75" display box has been conveniently designed for placement near the checkout register at the point of purchase. There is a 16.7% savings plus free display when you order The King's Oil Point of Purchase Display. Included with the display are sixteen 1/2 oz bottles.

What is the King's Oil?

The King's Oil is an exclusive My Olive Tree product that uses the finest ingredients found in Exodus 30 along with olive oil that was harvested from Perry Stone's olive tree grove in Israel. This oil was prepared by a believing Israeli chemist according to the ancient art of the Biblical apothecary. We believe that the King's Oil project is a beautiful art of the restoration that the Lord is bringing into the Church. This project has been co-sponsored by Perry Stone, Curt Landry, and Ron Phillips.


The King's Oil is available in a oz glass bottle and should be shaken before use, as separation of its contents is normal.

More Product Information

  • Producer: Whitaker House
  • ISBN-13: 0793573769268
  • UPC: 793573769268
  • SKU: 0793573769268
  • Release Date: July 1, 2010
  • Format: Not Applicable
  • Language: English

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