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Pulpit Robes - Velvet Geneva S-4 - Qwick-Ship

Pulpit Robes - Velvet Geneva S-4 - Qwick-Ship

Murphy Cap & Gown Co.
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Product Description

Particular about fit, but also in a hurry? We'll ship this pulpit robe the next day following factory receipt of order, and guarantee your satisfaction! Tailored in wrinkle resistant white Wonder Crepe. Trimmed with black Velvet panels and shoulder braid accents. Construction details include: Balanced machine fluting over shoulders and across back for controlled fullness - Lined belled sleeves with deep cuffs - Right pocket slit. Select size by: Chest Size, Height, and Sleeve Length.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Murphy Cap & Gown Co.
  • Producer: Murphy Robes
  • SKU: 1412_S-4
  • Vendor Code: S-4

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