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Making Men: Five Steps to Growing Up

Making Men: Five Steps to Growing Up

2011 Paperback

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Product Description

From the Back Cover Thirteen million single mothers. A culture drowning in passivity and addiction. Where have all the men gone?

How does a guy learn what true manhood looks like? And how does a woman learn to pick a good man from all the pretenders?

Chuck Holton has three sons. He realized if he was going to raise them to be men, he first had to figure it out for himself.

Holton made it his mission to identify the facets of a fully-engaged, functional man by drawing on timeless truths and the wisdom and experience of mature men.

The result is a five-step study that is already changing the lives of men and women around the world. It helps sons emulate - and daughters identify- powerful, passionate, engaged manhood.

Memorize it. Apply it to your life. Teach it to your sons. the world desperately needs your help making men.

About the Author Chuck Holton is a bestselling author, international reporter, photographer, video producer, public speaker, adventurer, businessman, husband and father of five children. After serving eight years in the U.S. Army – four with the Elite 75th Ranger Regiment and four flying helicopters as an Aeroscout Observer in the National Guard, Chuck went on to a successful career as a stockbroker. Ten years later he began to feel compelled to spend more time with his family, so he left Wall Street behind to become a full-time writer. Chuck is now the author of seven books including Making Men, Bulletproof, A More Elite Soldier, Stories from a Soldier’s Heart and the Task Force Valor series. He also collaborates with Lt.Col Oliver North (USMC Retired) on the New York Times bestselling American Heroes series of books. As a war correspondent and freelance video producer, Chuck travels to more than a dozen of the world's hot zones each year. He frequently speaks to churches and other organizations around the world on the topics of Biblical manhood, life structuring, adoption, homeschooling and other charitable and patriotic causes. When he is not traveling, he spends time at his farm in Appalachia with Connie and their five children.

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  • ISBN: 0615544398
  • ISBN-13: 978061554439
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  • Release Date: Sep 30 2011 12:00AM
  • Binding: Paperback