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Faith & Fat Loss with Ionic Trace Minerals

Faith & Fat Loss with Ionic Trace Minerals

RTW Publishing International 2009 Other

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Retail: $24.95
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Product Description

If you are discouraged because of failed attempts to acquire permanent fat loss – learn the TRUTH through Faith & Fat Loss, apply the principles learned, and you will find the success you have been desiring and never need to try again. Faith & Fat Loss will teach you vital “TRUTHS” that are rarely explored, or taught that you must know and apply before permanent fat loss can be attained. Without these truths long-term fat loss is virtually impossible!!!

Also includes a free bottle of minerals: The simplest, least expensive, most effective thing you can do to decrease body fat is to detoxify the fat cells by drinking 64 oz. of distilled water daily with 20-40 drops of Ron Williams Ionic Trace Minerals.

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  • Publisher: RTW Publishing International
  • SKU: 2253_981718205
  • Release Date: Nov 16 2009 12:00AM
  • Binding: Other