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Life Beyond the Grave DVD Part I

Life Beyond the Grave DVD Part I

The Christian Broadcasting Network DVD


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Product Description

Meet Real People Who Went to Heaven and Hell

It's the most important decision you will ever make: Where will you spend eternity?

In this latest DVD, Pat Robertson takes you on a journey to examine the biblical truth concerning eternity. You'll meet people who experienced death and visited both heaven and hell.

This riveting DVD will:

*Build your faith as you witness the words of the Bible come alive

*Prepare you to face your eternity with a stronger faith

*Provide you with a powerful witnessing tool to share with your loved ones

You will know beyond a doubt that the message of the Bible is true and that heaven and hell are real destinations for all of mankind.

Life Beyond the Grave - don't face your future without it!

Colton Burpo: Glimpses of Heaven

Julie Papievis: To Heaven and Back

Randy Hicks: When Death Comes Knocking

Jim Anderson: Heaven Can Wait

Jeffrey Thompson: Encounter with God

Deerinda Lowe Gets a Second Chance

Ian McCormack: The Sting of Death

Abraham Raised from the Dead

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