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Life Beyond the Grave DVD Part II

Life Beyond the Grave DVD Part II

The Christian Broadcasting Network DVD


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Product Description

A single mother, A soldier, A minister, A surgeon, A cowboy, A satanic priest.

What do thiese people have in common?

They all dies, stepped into eternity...and came back to tell their stories.

In Life Beyond the Grave, Part II, Gordon Robertson introduces you to six people whose lives have been forever changed by their encounters with death. Hear their vivid descriptions of heaven, their urgent warnings about hell, and the message they came back to share with you.

Also included is A SPECIAL DVD BONUS: an interview with Todd Burpo, author of the New York Times best seller Heaven is for Real, and his son Colton, whose eyewitness account of heaven made headlines around the world.

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  • Publisher: The Christian Broadcasting Network
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