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The Bible Bookcase

The Bible Bookcase

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Retail: $79.95
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Product Description

The Bible Bookcase is a perfect tool for:
• Kids and Grandkids ( of all ages )
• Social/Christian Fellowship Gatherings
• Sunday School Classes
• Christian and Home School Settings
• Public or Private Libraries

Designed from the heart of a Sunday school teacher, The Bible Bookcase is a simple and exciting way to learn the books of the Bible:

Step 1: Dump all puzzle-like books from The Bible Bookcase
Step 2: Scramble the books.
Step 3: Place them back in The Bible Bookcase!

Learning all sixty-six books of the Bible in sequential order becomes fun and easy!

With repetition and our patent-pending design, you will learn all 66 books of the Old and New Testament in order.

Dimensions: Bookcase Overall (with base installed and sign on top)
H: 14.5"" x W: 12.0"" x D: 3.0""

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