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Right on the Money Audio CD

Right on the Money Audio CD

The Christian Broadcasting Net 2009 Compact Disc

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Product Description

In his latest book, Right on the Money, Pat Robertson gives you up-to-the-minute strategies for protecting and growing your finances in rough economic times. Now, exclusivesly for CBN partners, a special abridges audio edition of the book has been compiled, which will give you the knowledge and skills you need to not only survive, but thrive, in today's economy.


In this special CBN Partner Abridged Audio Edition, Pat teaches you how to:

  • Get out of debt
  • Improve your credit score
  • Create a roadmap to wealth
  • Build a wealth engine
  • Understand mutual funds
  • Manage your 401(k)
  • And much more!

Pat will help you gain a better understanding of your finances - knowledge that can lead to a happier, more secure life. Get Rigt ont he Money and receive the wisdom you n eed today to build a successful financial future.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: The Christian Broadcasting Net
  • SKU: 2253_MFPM021411001
  • Release Date: Oct 1 2009 12:00AM
  • Binding: Compact Disc