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How to Get Tax Amnesty: A Guide to the Forgiveness of IRS Debt

How to Get Tax Amnesty: A Guide to the Forgiveness of IRS Debt


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Product Description

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In the robust 1990's economy, statistics revealed that over a staggering 20 million citizens owed taxes they could not pay. It was America's dirty little secret. In today's economy, these numbers are even more staggering with more people than ever in trouble with the IRS. Add confusing laws, abusive tax collection, costly pentalies, usurious interest rates with high tax rates and you have the formula for millions of people with staggering tax debt and the feeling they will never be free of this debt during their lifetime. DEEP within our economy lies an entire culture comprised of those who have resigned themselves to a lifetime of running and hiding from the tax man. There is no freedom and there is no rest. Their hope each day is only for survival and someday for... Tax Amnesty!

How to Get Tax Amnesty includes detailed discussions on:



·         Collection Due Process Appeals

·         Negotiating Installment Agreements

·         How to Appeal all Collection Actions

·         Using the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate

·         The Most Thorough Discussion on Negotiating Offers in Compromise Ever Written

·         What Every Taxpayer Needs to Know About the Collection Statute of Limitations

·         How to Identify Important IRS Correspondence

·         How to Stop Levies Before They Happen

·         Dealing with Penalties, Including the Oppressive “Frivolous Submissions Penalty”

·         How to Release Wage and Bank Levies

·         Dan’s Definitive Guide to Discharging Taxes in Bankruptcy

·         Including a Glossary, Table of Abbreviations and Detailed Index, and

·         Much, much more. 

Includes a free 15 tax consultation directly with Dan Pilla

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