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Worship Again

Worship Again

Reunion Records 2002 Album

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Contemporary Christian Music artist Michael W. Smith here follows up the runaway success of his live WORSHIP album with its sequel, WORSHIP AGAIN. The album is chock full of the kind of material that has made Smith famous, and features a guest appearance by Amy Grant, for whom Smith used to be the opening act. Thematically, the songs on offer here are all of a piece, that piece of course being the peace of God that passes all understanding, and Smith and band do a fine job of putting their worship message into musical form.

Songs such as "You Are the Lord" and "Wonderful Cross" are received by the capacity congregation with appropriate fervor, but it's with the later cuts such as "I Can Hear Your Voice" and "I See You" that Smith transforms his broad musical and thematic message into something far more personal--that of the possibility of a one-on-one relationship with God. The orchestrations and arrangements are both spectacular and intimate, and the obligatory nods towards the events of 9/11 are restrained and tasteful. WORSHIP AGAIN is another milestone in this CCM star's career.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Reunion Records
  • ISBN-13: 0602341007429
  • UPC: 602341007429
  • SKU: 5552567234
  • Release Date: October 22, 2002
  • Format: Album
  • Language: English
  • Voice Range: Not Available
  • Label: Reunion Records
  • Height: .40 inches
  • Width: 5.64 inches
  • Length: 4.98 inches
  • Weight: .23 pounds
  • Series Name: Michael W. Smith

About the Author

Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith

Michael Whitaker Smith is an American musician, who has charted in both contemporary Christian and mainstream charts. His biggest success in mainstream music was in 1991 when "Place in this World" hit No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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