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America's Prophet: Moses and the American Story
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America's Prophet: Moses and the American Story
By: Feiler, Bruce
Format: Hardcover

Publisher: William Morrow & Company
ISBN: 0060574887
ISBN-13: 9780060574888
SKU: 9780060574888

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The exodus story is America's story. Moses is our real founding father.

The pilgrims quoted his story. Franklin and Jefferson proposed he appear on the U.S. seal. Washington and Lincoln were called his incarnations. The Statue of Liberty and Superman were molded in his image. Martin Luther King, Jr., invoked him the night before he died. Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama cited him as inspiration. For four hundred years, one figure inspired more Americans than any other. His name is Moses.

In this groundbreaking book, "New York Times" bestselling author Bruce Feiler travels through touchstones in American history and traces the biblical prophet's influence from the "Mayflower" through today. He visits the island where the pilgrims spent their first Sabbath, climbs the bell tower where the Liberty Bell was inscribed with a quote from Moses, retraces the Underground Railroad where "Go Down, Moses" was the national anthem of slaves, and dons the robe Charlton Heston wore in "The Ten Commandments."

"Even a cursory review of American history indicates that Moses has emboldened leaders of all stripes," Feiler writes, "patriot and loyalist, slave and master, Jew and Christian. Could the persistence of his story serve as a reminder of our shared national values? Could he serve as a unifying force in a disunifying time? If Moses could split the Red Sea, could he unsplit America?"

One part adventure story, one part literary detective story, one part exploration of faith in contemporary life, "America's Prophet" takes readers through the landmarks of America's narrative--from Gettysburg to Selma, the Silver Screen to the Oval Office--to understand how Moses has shaped the nation's character.

Meticulously researched and highly readable, "America's Prophet" is a thrilling, original work of history that will forever change how we view America, our faith, and our future.

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Release Date: October 6, 2009Pages: 368
Language: English
Binding: HardcoverPrint Size: 
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