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Kitchenability 101
Kitchenability 101
By: Burns, Nisa

Publisher: Kitchenability Press
ISBN: 0985643005
ISBN-13: 9780985643003
SKU: 9780985643003

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Kitchenability 101: The College Student’s Guide to Easy, Healthy, and Delicious food, by Nisa Burns, features A+ recipes anyone can make anywhere.

College students may miss home-cooked meals, fear the Freshman 15, or feel sluggish from eating too many instant or fast food meals. Or they may want to cook for themselves, but don’t know how.

In this book, Nisa provides the confidence and motivation for college students to expand their abilities, so they can cook for themselves and their friends. It offers shopping plans, supply lists, budgeting, skills and recipes for cooking in college spaces – including dorm rooms, apartments and houses.
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Release Date: October 15, 2012
About the Author
Nisa Burns

Nisa Burns is the Chef of a New Generation.

An author, speaker and Internet sensation, Nisa’s venture into the culinary world started in true Gen Y fashion: virally. Sharing recipes in social media circles, Nisa’s spunky, but commonsense approach to food soon earned her fans on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube nationwide.

But before hitting the Internet, Nisa discovered a passion for cooking in childhood, mixing contents of her grandmother’s pantry into sometimes delicious, sometimes “interesting” creations. In her teen years, Nisa’s kitchen became a place of solace as well as a creative outlet.

Today, Nisa is a culinary graduate of the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, and the CEO of Kitchenability, Inc., a company she founded to give students the confidence and skills to make easy, healthy, and delicious food suited to their lifestyles.
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