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Holly Clegg's Trim & Terrific Guy's Guide to Eating Well: A Man's Cookbook for Health and Wellness

Holly Clegg's Trim & Terrific Guy's Guide to Eating Well: A Man's Cookbook for Health and Wellness

Holly B. Clegg 2018

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    Product Description

    Finally, an informative and approachable men's cookbook that targets men's health and wellness with practical recipes using everyday ingredients. It's not just about grilling, it's about getting control of your lifestyle for the better with over 150 simple, satisfying and nutritious recipes. Each recipe includes terrific tips (shortcuts), menu suggestions and nutrition nuggets, which answers the "why is this good for me" question! Start eating healthy with this preventive health cookbook with recipes to help manage testosterone, diabetes, weight-gain, joint pain and heart disease - plus recipes for quick meals, slow cookers and outdoor cooking. A man's cookbook that is truly for everyone who enjoys delicious food and better health. Best-selling cookbook author, Holly Clegg, and men's health specialist, Dr. Curtis Chastain partnered together with the perfect man's cookbook for you to look good and feel good. That means it is your turn to take on the kitchen! [[ Over 150 Easy Recipes with Photographs [[ Nutritional and Diabetic Information [[ Highlights Gluten-free, Diabetic-friendly, Freezer-friendly, and Vegetarian Recipes Chapters Include: Fatigue, Heart Disease, Food for the Mood, Obesity & Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Cancer, GERD, Quick Fix Meals & Crock Pot Cooking, Grilling & Hunting

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    • Publisher: Holly B. Clegg
    • ISBN: 0999626507
    • ISBN-13: 9780999626504
    • SKU: 9780999626504
    • Release Date: May 1, 2018