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Escaping the Cauldron: Exposing Occult Influences in Everyday Life

Escaping the Cauldron: Exposing Occult Influences in Everyday Life

Charisma House 2012 Paperback

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Product Description

An eight-year journey through the occult and into freedom
Though Kristine McGuire was raised in a traditional Christian home, at an early age she became fascinated by the occult. At sleepovers her friends told fortunes and held seances. As a teenager, she was convicted and put all games of mysticism aside. She went to a Christian college and married a Christian man.
Despite her decision to follow God, a longing for the occult persisted. This desire eventually led her to leave her church and husband, and to fully embrace witchcraft. Later, unable to abandon her church upbringing, she decided to revert partly back to Christianity--becoming a Christian witch.
"Escaping the Cauldron" exposes the subtle occult influences that affect 21st century Christians. Part Bible study, part memoir, this book takes the reader deep inside Kristine's eight year journey as a witch, medium, and ghost hunter and reveals how God mercifully restored her faith and life in Christ.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Charisma House
  • ISBN: 1616386975
  • ISBN-13: 9781616386979
  • SKU: 9781616386979
  • Release Date: September 4, 2012
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback

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