Baptism in the Holy Spirit


How to Receive The Baptism in the Holy Spirit (and Share it with Others) is a dynamic presentation of Harald Bredesen’s popular “Festival of Pentecost” seminar, with special appearances by Pat Robertson, Pat Boone, Dean Jones, Dale Evans-Rogers and Jack Hayford.

In this DVD Video, Harald and his guests:

  • Explain “The Baptism in the Holy Spirit”
  • Address the theological and intellectual obstacles to The Baptism
  • Build faith to receive
  • Guide seekers step-by-step into the Baptism
  • Prepare the “newly baptized” for their challenges of life in this new dimension.
  • Help liberate those not free in their prayer language
  • Demonstrate how to share the experience with others

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“I don’t know of anyone who can better help you understand this blessing or how to receive it.” – Pat Robertson, President of CBN

I’ve never heard It (The Baptism) explained so simply and so beautifully.” – Paul Crouch, President of TBN

“…for it is God working in you (supernaturally) bot to will and to do His good pleasure.” – Actor & Singer Pat Boone

“Had I not been Baptized in the Holy Spirit and had my prayer language, I don’t know what would have happened with me…[during tragedy] – Dale Evans-Rogers

“That there might be opened up channels of abundance of God’s love and grace and giving and service and witness and power unto His Glory.” – Pastor Jack Hayford

“The impartation of this teaching can change your life as much as it has changed mine.” – Evangelist Joan Fitzgerald


Time Magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, Encyclopedia Britannica, CBS’ The World Tonight, The Walter Cronkite Show, ABC, BBC, and Radio Moscow have all featured Harald Bredesen “Mr. Charisma.”

Dr. Bredesen is the Father of the Charismatic Renewal

Run Time: 108 Minutes Copyright 1992 Harald Bredesen Family Trust.  All Rights Reserved