Dan Pilla’s Small Business Tax Guide: The Compete Guide to Organizing and Operating Your Small Business

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More than a half-million new businesses are started every year by creative, energetic people looking to capitalize on their ideas and ingenuity. Unfortunately, only about 3 out of 10 last more than two years, and only about 50% those make it five years. A key reason small businesses fail is because of IRS problems. The tax code heaps a mountain of reporting, payment, and compliance obligations on small businesses that most business owners don’t know anything about. In fact, the Government Accountability Office once counted more than 200 distinct obligations placed on the shoulders of businesses. Can you name all 200? Can you name even 20? If not, you need this book.

And since the tax code was changed more than 5,900 times just since 2001, you need this book now more than ever. In the Small Business Tax Guide, Dan covers important topics, including:

• Identifying the 15 most common mistakes small business make, and how to avoid them –

• Whether an LLC, Subchapter S corporation or partnership is best for you –

• Everything you need to know about hiring employees and using independent contractors –

• How to properly set up and use an office in your home –

• How to avoid the IRS’s costly “hobby loss” rules –

• How to avoid tax penalties that can kill your business –

• How to properly deduct business travel and mileage expenses –

• Understanding the complex new rules for business meals and entertainment expenses –

• Dan’s fool-proof record-keeping system to keep you out of trouble with the IRS –

• Plus much, much more!

It’s not enough to be the creative genius behind your company. You also have to keep your company out of trouble with the IRS. Don’t get clobbered for violating tax rules you never knew existed. If you currently operate or intend to operate your own small business, you need this important new book right now.