Easter Promise Book

The Easter Promise tells the story of Jerem, his sister Elizabeth, and his cousin Samuel as they make the joyous discovery that Jesus is the king abouve all other kings – with a promise for them that is far greater than they could have imagined!


Jerem dreams of being a soldier for a king.  He is thrilled to hear about the upcoming arrival of the true King Jesus. Jerem, however is fooled by appearances and soon rejects Jesus along with most of Jerusalem.

In a wonderful lesson about truth, appearances, and forgiveness, Jerem ultimately trusts in Jesus and witnesses the fulfillment of the greatest promise of all – the resurrection.
Set against the backdrop of historically rich Jerusalem, The Easter Promise weaves together the story of Jerem’s search for truth and the magnificent Easter story. Filled with original music and breathtaking animation, The Easter Promise is sure to delight your entire family.
Run time: Approximately 45 minutes

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