I Am Cyrus: Harry S. Truman and the Rebirth of Israel

By Craig Von Buseck

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Improbable, if not impossible. How could a people who’d been scattered for two millennia reestablish a homeland on their ancient soil?

Against all odds, an irresistible desire to return grew in courageous Jewish men and women who set out to rebuild their decimated homeland.

Help came first through Great Britain’s pledge to restore Palestine to the Jews. Britain, however, nearly reneged on that promise just as the Jews faced the Nazi Holocaust.

Near the end of WWII, an unlikely man rose to the presidency of the United States. Harry S. Truman, a farmer and failed business owner, would decide not only the fate of Jewish survivors but also the future of their homeland.

As a vote approached in the fledgling United Nations, pressure mounted. Truman slammed the White House doors shut to all who wanted to discuss Jewish statehood. Could anyone persuade the most powerful man in the world to reconsider?

I Am Cyrus tells the epic story of Israel’s rebirth—promises made, promises broken, and ultimately the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy that this people would indeed return to their Promised Land.