Jesus the Master Coach

By Dr. Joseph Umidi

JESUS THE MASTER COACH provides strategic and practical ways to apply the Heart of Jesus where it matters in your life today.  Without using religious language, you will learn to be an effective communicator that connects powerfully in family, workplace, community, and church conversations and relationships.


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By providing newly discovered categories for the 100 Questions of Jesus found in the Gospels, you will have a new appreciation for the coaching and conversational opportunities each day.  You will learn how to meaningfully meet and network new people, communicate across boomer/millennial/generational “Z” barriers, improve parent/teen dialogues, increase in your conversational intelligence, craft significant questions for important meetings, accelerate your impact as an authentic communicator, listen to what really matters to the other, and ignite hearts at home and work one conversation at a time.  Real-life stories will empower you with the ability to honor the person even in conflict and tension that is increasing in our highly polarized media and culture. Our plan is that you will use this read to help create “cultures of honor” wherever there is dishonor.

If you want a sure foundation for Christian, spiritual, leadership, and professional coaching then you can read and reflect on group questions provided here that will empower woman, men, and youth.  Each chapter offers a personal or group study opportunity that can deepen your appreciation for conversational coaching that was a major part of the biblical narrative.  This book will enable you to acquire personal and professional leadership effectiveness that is based on biblical core values and purpose that have stood the test of time and return-on-investment.

The analysis and application of the questions of Jesus, instead of the teaching of Jesus, is a new approach to discipleship, spiritual formation, and management that is the result of years of research, teaching, and training in graduate school education.  Thousands of students in Psychology, Business, Leadership, Education, Communication, Divinity, and Government have contributed to the results presented here over a twenty-year period.  Over 10,000 coaches have confirmed the validity of this approach as they have created a transformational movement of the father-heart of God to the nations.

This book contains some key answers to the ethnic, political, and ideological division of our time.  It offers an ambassador-level training to bring reconciliation and redemptive hope to our communities and nations.  This is not because of the author’s expertise, but because of the Jesus expertise revealed in the creative and innovative way He communicated.

The resource section will provide several ways to move forward for the reader or group including free resources, training courses, association membership, and opportunities to tell your story of personal application to our global audience.  This book is intentionally designed to help you become the best FOR the world that is desperately looking for men and women who can steward unforgettable conversations.

In thirty nations and fifteen languages at the time of this publication we are seeing sustainable change and effective teams’ function because of this approach to relational leadership.  The intersection of purpose and passion that this approach targets in personal and organizational dynamics is a result of biblical principles that work even when we are not quoting the bible with others.  The quality of our conversations is a barometer of the quality of our relationships.  This read is intended to enable you to see that you are only one conversation away from a breakthrough; either to you or through you.  You will discover it in the stories presented here and yours to come.