Miracles Can Be Yours Today

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By Pat Robertson

With God, all things are possible. In this book, Pat Robertson encourages each of us to live undeniably miraculous lives so that when we are faced with insurmountable problems, we can turn for help to our God, who is the Creator of all things.

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We live in a world of miracles. Sometimes they are small, simple answers to prayer for our daily needs; other times they are overwhelmingly powerful acts of God that can’t be denied. In his lifetime, Pat Robertson has seen, heard and been touched by thousands of miracles in his life and others’ — many of which he shares in this book, but all of which provide a remarkable testimony of God’s love for us. Yet Robertson doesn’t stop there. He goes on to explore the miracles of Jesus, show the difference between positive thinking and true faith, and discuss the proven principles of miracles so that we too may live a miraculous life that is touched by God — whether faced with sickness, poverty, spiritual bondage, anxiety or addiction.

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