The Business of Church: The Concise Business Handbook for Pastors

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Studies have shown that most pastors enter the ministry to “help people” and “preach the Word of God”, yet 80-90% of their time spent in the ministry has nothing to do with either of these noble desires! Most of your time as a pastor is spent managing the business of church!

The vast majority of my pastor friends are failing miserably in this area. Why? Seminary does not teach business principles!

Pastor, I have found that you are ill-equipped to handle the day-to-day pressures and responsibilities of real “ministry”. As a pastor, you probably didn’t enter the ministry with an MBA, nor did you intend to get an MBA as a result of your calling to pastor a church!

The Business of Church is dedicated to YOU … the hardworking and dedicated pastor and church leader! In this book, you will identify crucial business areas that can have an incredible impact on your local church! Successfully addressing the crucial concepts in this book can ensure the sustainability, reach, and ultimate success of your church!