The Final Frontier DVD


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The Final Frontier is a documentary, which explains Near-Death Experiences as an existing phenomenon from a scientific and Biblical perspective. The Final Frontier will make you think for a long time. No one returned from the grave to tell us the truth about life after death. Towards the end of the twentieth century, a phenomenon arose, in which people reported Near-Death Experiences, otherwise known as NDEs. Revived patients encountered some form of afterlife reality: heaven and hell. This phenomenon of NDE in which revived patients report an extension of consciousness beyond clinical death are not hallucinations, but a highly structured and organized phenomenon. NDE holds a message for mankind. Death is a reality and according to research and those who witnessed heaven and hell, we must think about our own lives. More and more scientific evidence tells us that life after death exists. Eventually, we will all die and cross “The Final Frontier,”…heaven or hell… where we are going is a matter of …choice.