Women, Take Charge of Your Money: A Biblical Path to Financial Security


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It’s a financial wake-up call. God is the One calling you—and He’s calling collect. The good thing is, He provides the ideal model for you to follow on your way to reaping monetary rewards and gaining even more of your greatest asset on this earth: time. Carolyn Castleberry leads women through the process of creating, considering, and investing. Creating involves planning for your new life—you’ll learn to take responsibility and identify a mission statement. Considering means you’ll evaluate your investment options and trust the Holy Spirit. By the time you’re ready to invest, you’ll create a realistic budget, understand the credit game, and create an action plan for conquering debt. This book is your ticket to a new life grounded in financial freedom!

A Proven Plan for Financial Success

Meet your problem:

• Today’s volatile job market is about to take you hostage (or already has).
• You suddenly have huge financial responsibilities you never had before.
• Retirement looms, begging you for a plan.
• Thinking about, dealing with, or strategizing anything “money” bores you, freaks you out, or makes you feel stupid.