Visions of the Night

<p><strong>AN EGYPTIAN PHARAOH…</strong></p>

<p class=”rteindent3″><strong>A ROMAN EMPIRE…</strong></p>

<p class=”rteindent1″><strong>A 19TH-CENTURY INVENTOR…</strong></p>

<p class=”rteindent2″><strong>AND A MEMBER OF THE BEATLES.</strong></p>

<p>All of these men had one thing in common: they were dreamers.</p>

<p>Throughout history, dreams have inspired men to solve problems, create art, and discover scientific breakthroughs.</p>

<p>In <em>Visions of the Night</em>, Gordon Robertson helps you learn how to identify dreams from God and how to interpret them.</p>

<p>See some of the dreams that changed history and learn&nbsp; how to respond when God speaks to you.</p>


The Jewish Jesus

Thousands of years ago, Hebrew prophets wrote that the Jewish Messiah would be a descendant of King David.

Born in Bethlehem and raised in Nazareth, He would be a teacher and a healer.  He would be welcomed as a king… and yet killed as a criminal. Three days later, He would rise from the dead.

Only one man in history fulfilled all of those prophecies, and more.

In the Emmy-nominated series, The Jewish Jesus, Gordon Robertson uses more than 50 Old Testament prophecies to tell the story of Jesus of Nazareth, from His birth to His resurrection and death. Learn more about:

  • Finding Jesus in Psalms
  • The archaeology of Jesus’ life, from Galilee to Jerusalem
  • Jesus’ Jewish roots

See the story of Jesus as it was written hundreds of years before His birth.

Also included: A special DVD bonus, The Family of Jesus. Discover the story of Jesus’ brothers, cousins and grandnephews, who led the church in Jerusalem for more than a century after His death and resurrection.

The Law of Expectation

You’ll learn:

  • The place of authority your expectation has in your life and circumstances
  • How you can break through the limits of your faith and experience real change and transformation
  • What it means to agree with God and receive the favor and blessing He has for your

All things are possible with God.  Let The Law of Expectation help this powerful truth become a living hope in your heart.  God has amazing plans for you.

Life Beyond the Grave DVD Bundle

Life Beyond the Grave Part I in Amray case and Part II in Wallet


Meet Real People Who Went to Heaven and Hell

It’s the most important decision you will ever make: Where will you spend eternity?

In this latest DVD, Pat Robertson takes you on a journey to examine the biblical truth concerning eternity. You’ll meet people who experienced death and visited both heaven and hell.

This riveting DVD will:

*Build your faith as you witness the words of the Bible come alive

*Prepare you to face your eternity with a stronger faith

*Provide you with a powerful witnessing tool to share with your loved ones

You will know beyond a doubt that the message of the Bible is true and that heaven and hell are real destinations for all of mankind.

Life Beyond the Grave – don’t face your future without it!

Colton Burpo: Glimpses of Heaven

Julie Papievis: To Heaven and Back

Randy Hicks: When Death Comes Knocking

Jim Anderson: Heaven Can Wait

Jeffrey Thompson: Encounter with God

Deerinda Lowe Gets a Second Chance

Ian McCormack: The Sting of Death

Abraham Raised from the Dead

In LIFE BEYOND THE GRAVE, Part II, Gordon Robertson introduces you to people whose lives have been forever changed by their encounters with death. You’ll hear their vivid descriptions of heaven, and their urgent warnings about hell. This riveting DVD will: Prepare you to face your eternity. Build your faith as you witness the promises of the Bible come alive. Provide you with a powerful witnessing tool to share with your loved ones.

Signs of the Times – Wallet

Understand Biblical Prophecy and Be Ready for the Days Ahead!

Jesus told us that no one knows the exact hour of His coming – but that we are to be ready and watching for His return. He gave us a clear description of conditions and events that would occur throughout the world prior to His Second Coming.

In this DVD by Pat and Gordon Robertson you will learn the essential information you and your loved ones need to be prepared for the days ahead.

You’ll discover:

  • Biblical prophecies being fulfilled before our eyes
  • How you can be ready for what’s to come
  • The information you need to stand strong against deception
  • Who will be saved

You can live in the joyful expectation that Jesus, our Lord, is coming again!